Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Novokuznetsk robbed the woman with the juvenile son on the street

The resident of Novokuznetsk stole property of the townswoman who stood on a stop and waited for the bus, and escaped away. The previously convicted 25-year-old resident of Novokuznetsk decided to fall back into the old ways and to rob somebody. In the choice it was more whole is not choosy: for a role of the victim even mother with the child at a stop of public transport fitted. – The drunk stranger approached the woman and asked phone to call the little daughter who allegedly is in hospital in a serious condition. Having received the gadget, he escaped. The victim asked the mobile phone for the passerby to report in police about the event, – told in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. The damage was 1,500 rubles. Showed to the victim a photograph collection of potential robbers, and the townswoman identified an aggressor. Law enforcement officers quickly seized the jobless recidivist, and he confessed to everything. The man said that he lost the phone and therefore decided to take away the gadget from the stranger. Now to the defendant in the case, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation excited according to Part 1 of Article 161 "Robbery", threatens up to four years of imprisonment. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: mother Novokuznetsk robbery child phone