Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Novokuznetsk was beaten to death for love to a chanson

The resident of Novokuznetsk so strongly despised a chanson that he has beaten to the death of the admirer of this genre. The victim has died, having spent month in hospital. In Novokuznetsk death of the local who was beaten on the street is investigated. As tells Sity-N, on July 5 in the yard in the Central district the group of men drank alcoholic drinks. One of drinking companions adored "criminal" songs about prison life, the crying mothers and "guys" and constantly included them on the mobile phone that enraged the others. At some point other man hasn't sustained and has demanded to switch off hated music on what has received sharp refusal. Between drinking companions a fight which result was a closed craniocereberal trauma at the fan of a chanson was started. The victim was hospitalized, however a month later the man has died. The suspect was interrogated, he has completely admitted guilt. He was left on freedom under recognizance not to leave. Investigation continues. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: alcohol beating music Novokuznetsk song death chanson