Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Omsk has beaten the physician by the keyboard because of refusal to carry out ultrasonography

The female resident of Omsk has seen a doctor. Without having received desirable inspection which she to herself appointed, the woman has beaten the physician by the computer keyboard. As reports Superomsk, the woman has independently come to hospital of ambulance. At itself she had the direction on ultrasonography which she was given in policlinic. When the doctor was given assignment, she has paid attention that one type of the procedure is crossed out, and instead of him the handle has entered absolutely another. The physician has refused to do ultrasonography, having explained it with the fact that he has no right to conduct examination without the relevant contract. The resident of Omsk who isn't counting on refusal has fallen into rage. She has thrown to the expert the direction in a face then has knocked the keyboard on the head. Because of an incident of the doctor hospitalization was necessary. To the physician concussion is diagnosed. Now the victim plans to appeal to court with the requirement of compensation for infliction of harm to health. Photo: Google.Images to Share: doctor beating Omsk ultrasonography