Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Prokopyevsk has killed the acquaintance because of non-ferrous metal

The recidivist from Prokopyevsk was accused of murder of the acquaintance because of the conflict because of non-ferrous metals. On July 24, 2018 to law enforcement authorities the message about disappearance of the 43-year-old resident of Prokopyevsk has arrived. On July 23 he has left the house after a call and was gone. The investigation has found that the missing before disappearance called up to the familiar recidivist concerning delivery of non-ferrous metal weighing about 10 kg. Calling I assured law enforcement authorities that a meeting hasn't taken place, however he was detained as the suspect. After providing proofs of participation of the man in loss of the person he has begun to cooperate. It has turned out that the meeting after all has taken place on excavations. On her between men there was a conflict because of the volume of metal which was less by half stipulated. During the fight the defendant has hit the victim with a hand and the hammer. When that has fallen, the malefactor has removed from him ornament and visors 28 thousand rubles, and has burned his car nearby, the press service of SU of the IC RF of Kuzbass reports. Law enforcement authorities have found out that the defendant earns a living by metal delivery and also brings up the juvenile child. Concerning the man investigation continues, to him appointed psikhologo-psychiatric examination. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Prokopyevsk hammer missing transaction quarrel murder non-ferrous metal