Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Tomsk 350 thousand rubles have obliged to pay for road accident of nine-year prescription

The court has obliged the resident of Tomsk who has become responsible for deadly road accident in 2009 to compensate to family of the dead moral harm. The staff of the press service of regional prosecutor's office has reported that in 2009 the man has had an accident as a result of which from injuries the 23-year-old guy has died. The investigation of an incident has been terminated in 2015 in connection with the expiration of limitation periods. Three years later, in July, 2018, relatives of the died young man have appealed to court with the statement for compensation of moral harm for the death of the guy. The defendant has refused to pay money, having referred to lack of the court verdict in which he would be recognized as responsible for accident. Then I have gone supervisory authority into action. Prosecutors have drawn the attention of court that the termination of criminal case in connection with the expiration of terms isn't long ago the rehabilitating basis and consequently, doesn't exempt the citizen from compensation of moral harm and/or material damage. The court has partially met requirements of the victims and has obliged the defendant to pay to family compensation of 350 thousand rubles. It is noted that he has already paid 500 thousand more during the investigation. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Road accident compensation moral harm court Tomsk