Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Tomsk has entered TOP 100 of the women who have changed the world

The BBC History Magazine magazine has made the list of women who have changed the world. Among such famous people as Marie Curie and Catherine the Great has appeared the resident of Tomsk Maria Bochkaryova – one of the first Russian female officers. Experts of the BBC History Magazine magazine have made the list of 100 women who have exerted huge impact on the course of world history. After that they have asked the readers to vote to make rating. As reports to RIA Tomsk, first place was won by Marie Curie – the first-ever female Nobel Prize laureate on physics. ― In rating only three women from Russia. Except Anna Akhmatova who has taken the 52nd place it is the empress Catherine the Great who is on the 22nd line whose reformation and a contribution to development of art and education are noted by experts of BBC. And also Maria Bochkaryova – one of the first Russian female officers, ― representatives of BBC have told. What place was taken by Bochkaryova, isn't specified. Maria Bochkaryova has deserved the world respect personal bravery, having got in 1916 on the front. In the 1917th, at a personal request of Kerensky, it was engaged in formation of women's "Battalion of death". After the October revolution she has endured arrest and fled Russia. Having returned, has been arrested and shot in Krasnoyarsk in 1920. Photo: Tomsk to Share RIA: BBC of the woman Tomsk