Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Ufa together with the son-in-law has killed the husband tyrant in a dream

The 46-year-old Bashkir and the 24-year-old cohabitant of her daughter by means of the axe have killed the sleeping woman's husband. As reports ToDay News Ufa with reference to the press service of SU of the IC RF, an incident has occurred in August, 2017 in the Ufa district. The wife of the dead who regularly beat her has made the decision to kill the spouse. Shortly before commission of crime she has asked the young man of the daughter to help her to carry out conceived. Having armed with the axe, they have approached the man sleeping after the drunk alcohol. The woman has knocked the husband a butt on the head. From blow the man has begun to get up. Then the guy has snatched out the axe from the woman's hands and has struck to the victim one more blow with a butt. From traumatized the man I have died on the spot. Malefactors have shipped a corpse in a luggage carrier of the car and have brought him to the wood. There they have hidden a body. The daughter of the killed has also taken part in concealment of traces of crime. During the investigation defendants have confessed to deeds. Criminal case has been submitted to supervisory authority. The prosecutor's office after the approval of the conclusion will send him together with case papers to court for consideration. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Bashkiria daughter mother cohabitant axe murder Ufa