Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The resident of Yakutia sells a cap from mammoth hair for 10 thousand dollars

The resident of Yakutia Vladimir Ammosov has posted online the announcement about sales of a cap from mammoth hair, he has estimated a headdress at 10 thousand dollars, The Siberian Times tells. Ammosov has explained that he has bought wool from the relative from the Ust-Yansky district of Yakutia. The certificate of authenticity signed by the manager of the Mammoth Museum of the Northeast federal university is attached to a cap. A large number of remains of mammoths find in Yakutia, in Ust-Yansky district now, in particular. The nature protection prosecutor's office notes that similar trade by the law is practically not regulated. – Production and sale of a cap from mamontovy wool isn't pursued by the federal legislation. Citizens can address to Rospotrebnadzor concerning compliance of goods to sanitary and epidemiologic norms, – have noted in prosecutor's office. The similar position is taken by SK. Department notes that there is no corpus delicti in production and sale of similar products. Photo: Google.Images to Share: mammoth Yakutia