Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The rock in Greece has fallen upon tourists

On the island of Zakynthos in Greece there was a rockfall on the beach of the bay Navagio. Witnesses have managed to film an incident. The rock has collapsed near tourists who during a rockfall have managed to escape. An incident has occurred because of falling of a small piece of the rock in a bay that has caused strengthening of waves. As a result of it three boats standing on an anchor have turned over. Slight injuries were got by three persons, they were hospitalized. All tourists from the beach were evacuated. Izvestia notes that on the coast there were many children. The Navagio beach is considered one of the main sights of the Greek island. He is surrounded from all directions by calcareous rocks from 45 to 225 meters high. Navagio Beach Zakynthos today — Zakynthos.Official (@Zanteclubs) on September 13, 2018. Photo: Twitter to Share: video Greece collapse beach rock tourists of a photo