Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The rubber crosswalk has appeared in Moscow

In the southwest of Moscow the first crosswalk of new type has appeared. The raised crosswalk has appeared in the capital on Kerchenskaya Street in the southwest of the capital, reports the agency of city news Moscow. About an innovation the head of directorate on construction and operation on a street road network of the Center of the Organization of Traffic (COT) Andrey Alekseev rasskzat. According to him, it is the first transition made of rubber mix. Installation of such road zones doesn't demand any local construction actions, doesn't give an inconvenience to vehicles, but increases traffic safety. Installation of this transition on this street is caused by proximity to him of schools and kindergartens. It is noted that the new crosswalk will be tested within two-three months. In case of success of a design will appear in other districts of the city. Photo: Google.Images to Share: