Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

The Russian authorities allowed a possibility of cooperation with terrorists

The special representative of the President of Russia to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov allowed a possibility that Russia will cooperate with the terrorist organization "Taliban" banned in the Russian Federation for fight against ISIL (the terrorist organization is banned in the Russian Federation). It also declared determination of Moscow to influence the UN Security Council that he removed sanctions from Talibs as for this purpose already "there came time". – Because, limiting diplomatic maneuver of representatives of the movement of Talibs, we will not help business of advance of national reconciliation, – Kabulov explained during the press conference in IIA Russia Today. At the same time Kabulov emphasized that he about removal of the status of the banned organization from Taliban of the speech does not go yet, gives "Sputnik Tajikistan". Photo: to Share: ISIL of the MFA national reconciliation of the sanction Security Council cooperation Taliban terrorists