Date: 5 months ago   Category: Culture

The Russian deputy has suggested to deprive of Efremov of a rank of the people's artist "for treachery"

The member of advisory council on development of information society and media at the State Duma Vadim Manukyan has said that Mikhail Efremov needs to be deprived of a rank of the people's artist. In this way the politician suggests to punish the actor for his statements on Ukranian radio. Manukyan has noted that not only in an interview the actor exposes Russia in ugly light, but also in the performances. The deputy has emphasized that number of a star "in Russia looks as humour and satire, but out of the country, especially in Ukraine which announced the Russian Federation the country aggressor, the similar format of a performance already pulls on treachery of the Homeland". The deputy is sure that it is time to enter a rank response for artists who, according to Manukyan, dishonor him, RIA Novosti reports. These statements were commented, in turn, by the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture Vladimir Bortko. He is sure that similar "sanctions" are inappropriate as Efremov was entitled for the talent, but not political views. The actor says that all this is indifferent for him. Photo: Google.Images to Share: State Duma deputies Efremov rank deprivation people's artist