Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

The Russian Federation investigates influence of zero gravity on astronauts at flight to the Moon

The institute of medicobiological researches of RAS will study influence of zero gravity on a human body during the Moon mission, RIA Novosti tells. The representative of scientific research institute has told that the zero gravity will be modelled by means of immersion in a bathroom with the water separated from the examinee by a thin film (dry immersion). This method is known from 1970th years, however earlier experiments were short-term. – This time examinees will participate in an experiment 21 days. Naturally, we plan to use results of our researches for preparation of flight to the Moon, – have noted in scientific research institute. In the first part of tests of 10 people will lie in bathtubs 21 days under observation of doctors. Then the experiment will be repeated, having added rotation on the centrifuge. Photo: Google.Images to Share: immersion moon zero gravity