Date: 11 months ago   Category: Society

The Russian has confessed to murder after the verdict of not guilty

In Karachay-Cherkessia have acquitted the man when considering the case about murder. Five years later he has returned to investigators to convince them that he is a criminal. As has reported regional Investigative Committee, in 2010 Rasoul Adzhiyev has several times shot at the driving Aslan Zhukov. From the got wounds the man has died on the spot. After commission of crime Adzhiyev has disappeared, but after a while he has come in police cap in hand. Adzhiyev has confessed to Zhukov's murder in court, however he was acquitted. ― The night before Rasoul Adzhiyev more than five years later after the court has acquitted him, was in investigating authorities, has written surrender and again insists that he has committed Zhukov's murder, – it is said in the statement of Investigative Committee. At the moment the investigation about Zhukov's murder was resumed. Experts try to establish motives which have forced Adzhiyev to write surrender once again. Photo: Google.Images to Share: verdict of not guilty crime murder