Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The Russian has decided to offer for sale the skin for 100 thousand dollars

The resident of Yekaterinburg Yury Galaktionov has decided to make art "cloth" of the skin, and later to offer him for an auction for 100 thousand dollars. As reports to REN-TV, Yury is the owner of tens of autographs of celebrities. Among his trophies there are Ozzy Osbourne's signatures, Sting, Monserrat Kabalye, the Limp Bizkit group and many others. When the actor to put the symbols on the guy's skin a marker, the resident of Yekaterinburg at once goes to a tattoo salon and duplicates the image, but already indelible ink. The guy expects that after his death someone will want to buy the similar work of art. Also young man hopes that foreign collectors will become interested in "cloth". Photo: Google.Images to Share: autographs video Yekaterinburg auction skin lot sale