Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Russian schools will get gas masks after the tragedy in "Winter cherry"

In Russia have entered new GOST according to which institutions with mass stay of people are obliged to get means of individual fire-prevention protection. According to new state standard specification "Individual Protection Equipment of People at the Fire", institutions with mass stay of people till February 1, 2019 are obliged to equip with gas masks, respirators and special fire-resistant capes. Such measure will mention schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, hotels, hostels, movie theaters, shopping centers, sports constructions, restaurants and offices. Authors of the project consider that the new standard can prevent danger of repetition of the tragedy of the Kemerovo "Winter cherry". It is noted that the organizations and before development of the standard have been equipped by "self-rescuers", however for them there were no accurate requirements for quality, quantity and storage. – Uncertainty led to the fact that the quantity of gas masks "on duty" was kept in the closed boxes in distant warehouses and once a year showed them checking. Now we at last avoid formalistic approach and we provide security of citizens, – the president of NSOPB, the member of the committee on safety of business activity of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Seryogin has reported to Izvestia. This project was already approved in technical committee of Rosstandart. Photo: Google.Images to Share: GOST Winter Kuzbass cherry project gas mask Russia standard tragedy of the requirement of school