Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Russian was arrested in Norway on suspicion of espionage

The Norwegian police for two weeks has arrested the citizen of Russia who is suspected of "illegal information activities". The man was detained at the airport of Oslo after he has attended a seminar in the Norwegian parliament. Digitalization became the main issue of a meeting. In an action 79 people from 34 countries which work in the system of administration of parliaments have taken part. After that the court has made the decision on the conclusion of the Russian into custody. The detainee called charges misunderstanding, RIA Novosti reports. – My client says that he doesn't understand why he is suspected and that all this is connected with some misunderstanding, – the man's lawyer has said. The Russian Embassy has also reacted to an incident, having called arrest far-fetched and unreasonable. Department has promised to provide the man with consular assistance. Photo: Google.Images to Share: detention Norway Russia espionage