Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The Russian widow of the died Nigerian prince devolved to his brother

The female resident of Cherepovets 50-year-old Natalya Vedenina who became in 2018 the widow of the prince of Nigeria under laws of the country of the late spouse has to marry his younger brother. Natalya personally told about traditions of Nigeria in an interview to Moskovskij Komsomolets. She noted that she at the moment lives with the 30-year-old brother of the died husband Michael. However she assures that she is not ready to be his wife yet. – I cannot go with it to bed, it is strange to me to have with it close relations. I am still too attached to the husband, – the woman explained. It is noted that after the death of prince Gabriel the woman independently raises their joint children. She also receives from the state a disability pension and on loss of the supporter. To earn additionally the female resident of Cherepovets does drawings for students to order. Let's remind, the 33-year-old prince from Nigeria Gabriel Segun Adzhayi died at the end of 2018 of an extensive heart attack. Photo: to Share: wife inheritance Nigeria prince Russia Cherepovets