Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The school bus has collided with truck in Germany

In Germany the school bus has collided with truck. 11 children and the bus driver are taken to hospital. "This morning around 6:55 (7:55 Moscow time) there was a collision of the truck and school bus. At the same time the bus driver has suffered, 10 children have got slight injuries, one child – heavy", – the police of Saxony-Ankhalta on Twitter has reported. RIA Novosti with reference to the German broadcasting company MDR reports that in road accident of 17 children and the driver slight injuries have received. According to her, the truck has driven in a side part of the bus at the intersection. At the time of road accident in the bus there were 30 children, victims were taken to two hospitals. The reason of collision becomes clear. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Germany truck children of road accident intersection collision school bus