Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The school stage of the All-Russian Olympic Games will pass in Kemerovo

In the regional capital from September 25 to October 23 there will pass the school stage of the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students. Pupils of 5 - 11 classes can take part in her. The school stage of the Olympic Games is carried out annually in 21 subjects: English, astronomy, biology, geography, informatics, art (MHK), history, literature, mathematics, German, Fundamentals of Health and Safety, social science, right, Russian, technology, physics, physical culture, French, chemistry, ecology, economy. Annually more than 29 thousand Kemerovo school students participate in the Olympic Games, at the same time about 7 500 of them become winners and prize-winners. The young residents of Kemerovo who have shown the best results at a school stage will pass in a municipal stage. It will take place in Kemerovo in November – December, 2018, the press service of AKO reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: knowledge of Kemerovo Olympic Games stage