Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The sea jellyfish has burned the Russian tourist in Thailand

The poisonous fiery jellyfish has touched a leg of the Russian swimming in a bay Patong. – We have given first aid to the Russian woman who has refused to go to hospital, – the rescuers supervising the beach have reported to the The thaiger edition. Fiery jellyfishes can be bright blue, brown, yellow colors. Their sting quite painful, but isn't more sick than burns of other jellyfishes, write in the edition. It is possible to kill pain sea water or vinegar. – Please, don't use fresh water and don't scratch, – rescuers address victims. Beaches of Phuket suffer from influx of fiery jellyfishes and not less poisonous Portuguese ship at this time. They prefer moderate temperatures and often in the mornings rise to a surface where water is warmer. With approach of a day heat of a jellyfish leave on depth. Photo: to Share: jellyfish sea burn Phuket Russian Thailand tourist of a photo