Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The sect of admirers of the Khabarovsk fleecers began to threaten zoodefenders

Admirers of the Khabarovsk fleecers have created sect "Anubis's Cult" and began to upload in social networks fresh video with murders of kittens. The Young Far Easterner 21st Century portal has reported about it. It is noted that members of sect send to zoodefenders rollers with tortures and murders of animals. At the same time video is followed by texts with threats. For example, under one of them it has been written: "As the kitten has died, the zooshiza so will die". The police of one of the districts of Moscow has begun check according to the complaint of one of zoodefenders to such actions of teenagers. We will remind that in August, 2017 in Khabarovsk the sentence has been pronounced to the young fleecers who have killed more than 15 pets. Anubis is the deity of Ancient Egypt with the head of a jackal and a body of the person accompanying the dead in a next world. Photo: Google Images Share: Anubis of the fleecer animal zoodefenders Moscow threats Khabarovsk