Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The serial robber with the speaking surname was condemned in Novokuznetsk

The resident of Novokuznetsk has once again appeared before the court on a charge of robberies: the malefactor attacked casual passers, beat and took away their things. In Novokuznetsk have condemned the local with a surname of Grabova who has committed a series of muggings. According to information of NK-TV, the guy, having released from colony in 2016, I have again returned on a criminal track. Drunk citizens became the victims of an aggressor: he tracked down them, enticed into solitudes, beat and took away property. The trial of the man has the day before taken place. The party of charge has remembered "former merits" of the recidivist. So, in 2012 the offender has noticed the tipsy woman on the street and has volunteered to take home. – In the deserted place he has attacked the stranger under the pretext of the fact that she allegedly hates addicts. Death I began to break from her neck a gold chain with a cross. When the woman began to show resistance, the swindler "has cut down" the victim, – writes the edition. Now the resident of Novokuznetsk was found guilty at once of four robberies though he denied fault. The prosecutor has suggested to imprison the defendant for nine years, but as a result the judge appointed to the guy six and a half years in maximum security penal colony. Photo: NK-TV to Share: robber Novokuznetsk robbery photo sentence