Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The serious fire has happened near Novokuznetsk

Fields about the village of Bedarevo burned at night. Fire it was visible including in Novokuznetsk that has caused panic among citizens. As locals report, because of strong wind the flame has quickly extended on fields. – The fire along Ilyinskaya Route. Strong wind, fire is flown across the road, nearby by gas station, a powerful show, words and not to transfer, – eyewitnesses write. As a result of October 28 at 23:45 traffic police officers have urgently blocked Ilyinskoye Highway from Construction base before turn on the settlement the Metallurgist. The movement has been restored only around 3:40. Now the staff of Emercom of Russia establishes all circumstances of an incident. Photo: social networks to Share: Novokuznetsk area fire grass route of a photo