Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The serviceman of the USA was saved after collision of two planes at coast of Japan

Two military planes of the USA collided at the coast of Japan. An incident occurred in the night of December 6. In the sky the American F/A-18 strike fighter and the transport KS-130 air refueller which took off from base of marines of the USA of Iwakuni collided. Both planes carried out "planned educational flight", noted ABC channel. As a result of the crash, several people were gone. Presumably onboard the fighter there were two pilots, and on the refueler – five soldiers. By the morning on December 6 one American serviceman managed to be saved. The fate of other pilots is not known so far. It is noted that the Japan Self-Defense Forces participate in a rescue operation. Photo: To Share AFP: F/A-18 military KS-130 plane collision of the USA Japan