Date: a month ago   Category: Economy

The share of Russians of the middle class was sharply reduced by 2019

Less than a half of Russians ranked themselves as the middle class in 2019. Analysts conducted a research and found out that the share of citizens who consider themselves representatives of the middle class decreased by 13% during the period from 2014 to 2018. Now those themselves called only by 47% of the population whereas four years ago this indicator was 60%. As the expert in a conversation with the Vedomosti newspaper noted, people are inclined to carry themselves to the middle class when have an opportunity to save money, to travel and go to restaurants. Otherwise they incline to category "below an average". So, 43% of Russians admitted that they have no savings. 12% of residents of the country, moreover, pay debts. According to experts, a photo you should not expect growth of a share of the middle class in 2019.: VSE42.RU to Share: money income middle class statistics