Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The sheriff has detained the robber who has fallen from a ceiling in Florida

The sheriff from the American State of Florida has helped to catch the robber who has fallen down from a ceiling to the bedroom. "Early in the morning on Saturday the victim has reported about the robber who has rushed into his bedroom", – it is said in the statement of the press service of sheriff's department of the District of Seminol. After inspection of the scene the sheriff Eric Phillips has found the violator. Him was the opossum who has fallen down from the attic to the bedroom, and then was slaughtered for a bedside table, Regnum writes. "Instead of bringing charges of violation of inviolability of the dwelling and rendering resistance during detention of an opossum have released after frank recognition", – the press service finishes history. We will remind, earlier messages about tragic events on a cybertournament came from Florida. Photo: Google.Images to Share: detention robber opossum Florida hooligan sheriff