Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The student fell from a 12-meter tower during shooting of a selfie for Instagram in the USA

The 22-year-old graduate of the university broke when falling from a 12-meter tower on which she tried to take a selfie for the memory of study. The girl together with friends climbed a narrow ladder to the very top of the well-known tower of the Fordham university. Young people tried to photograph, but the student did not keep and broke down. Rescuers long time could not get the American because of narrowness of construction. At that time the girl was still alive. She died in hospital in several hours, being in a family environment, New York Post reports. Died studied at faculty of journalism. In May she had to gain the diploma. The management of the university promised to give her the rank of the bachelor posthumously. Photo: to Share: tower New York selfie student of the USA Fordham