Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

The successful joke increases efficiency of training – researchers

The University of Arizona has found out that jokes promote concentration of students and increase efficiency of training. Authors of the new research published in Science daily have found out that 99% of students appreciate humour of teachers. But reaction to jokes differs at young men and girls. Guys are practically not confused by jokes about gender stereotypes, race, religion and sexual orientation, and most of girls not only don't welcome such humour, but also consider it offensive. Equally amusing for all were subjects of science, television and the university. Researchers have also found out that teaching jokes are not only a way to become popular with students. It has turned out that the successful joke or a witty playful statement increase attention and concentration of students. And positive effect even the attempt to joke has. The negative effect gives only offensive humour. Photo: Google.Images to Share: training teacher concentration student joke effect efficiency humour