Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The suitcase with diamonds was taken away from Russians in the suburb of Paris

Three Russians were robbed in the suburb of Paris. The armed criminals have taken away from them a suitcase with jewelry and expensive clothes. The Russian tourists have arrived from Nice in the Le Bourget airport. While they drove on the highway the rented car with the driver, the car crashed into them. At first Russians have thought that they have got into big accident, but people in masks have gone out of the car. Armed men have demanded to open a luggage carrier and to give three suitcases with things. In addition, have taken away purses and mobile phones from tourists, Meduza reports. During the incident the driver accompanying tourists has tried to photograph attack on the smartphone. But criminals have noticed it therefore have also taken away from him mobile. Then unknown have disappeared. Russians have decided to address to law enforcement agencies. Already in police they have told that in one of suitcases there was jewelry, including diamonds. Total amount of damage was from from 500 thousand to one million dollars. Photo: Google.Images to Share: thieves Nice robbery Paris criminals Russians