Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The swindler has forged the cash card of the resident of Kemerovo and has dispatched from his name a call about the help

The inhabitant of the regional center has fallen a victim of the burglar. The malefactor on behalf of the man has sent to his friends a call about the help and has supplied the message with the forged photo of the cash card. The resident of Kemerovo by the name of Sergey has addressed to the editorial office VSE42.Ru and has reported about activity of malefactors who "came to new level": have hacked the account in social networks, have manufactured the counterfeit cash card and have asked on behalf of the man the help for the organization of a funeral of the father who has allegedly died the day before. – Even the card is done type with a name that very convincingly looks, – the citizen has complained. So, the swindler by means of the graphic editor has changed a name on the cash card addressed to the victim not to cause suspicions in friends of "purpose". At the same time one of Sergey's friends has believed in a legend of the schemer and has transferred 10 thousand rubles to his account. Only after it not indifferent friend has understood that he was deceived. The editorial office VSE42.Ru urges kuzbassovets to keep vigilance not to fall a victim of network deceivers. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: cash card breaking of VKontakte of Kemerovo swindler