Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The three-year-old child has escaped from the house in Kuzbass

Residents of Prokopyevsk have the day before noticed in kindergarten of the child without adults and have sounded the alarm. It has turned out that the boy has left to walk one. The female resident of Prokopyevsk has the day before paid for the carelessness: the woman for only several minutes has left the three-year-old son unguarded, however it was enough that the boy has self-willedally left to walk on the street. Locals have paid attention to the child who walked in the territory of kindergarten without adults. Have into place called police officers, those have tried to learn from the lost boy from where he. The younger preschool child has refused to talk to law enforcement officers, but those have all the same calculated the address of his accommodation. Inattentive mother was fined 500 rubles for inadequate execution of the parental responsibilities. Photo: google.images to Share: mother Prokopyevsk child