Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The time capsule was put in Kiselyovsk

In Kiselyovsk have put the capsule with the message to descendants. It is dated for construction of new quarter. Construction takes place in the residential district No. 2 in the Red stone. There will be a new five-floor house on 45 apartments. It will serve as start for development of new quarter. In honor of such event the time capsule has been put. In her it is told: "We hope that you appreciate a contribution to noble and useful cause. Accept this message as a symbol of a new stage in improvement of the young and developing city of Kiselyovsk as an appeal to further actions. Already now much for the better future is made, and is conceived even more", the press service of regional administration reports. It is planned to open the capsule in 2036 on the 100 anniversary of Kiselyovsk. In the nearest future around a memorable stone will break the square and will put the playground. Photo: Новокузнецк.ru to Share: time capsule Kiselyovsk Kuzbass memory message