Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The traffic police have commented on traumatizing the resident of Kemerovo on the carriageway

The day before in the regional center the woman has got under the wheels of the car. The traffic police have told incident details. In the evening on Tuesday, August 28, approximately at 21:25 on Klara Tsetkin Street the car has hit the woman what eyewitnesses reported about. The traffic police have commented that the victim whom witnesses have mistakenly taken for the pensioner was on the carriageway, violations of the safety rule. – The VAZ-21053 car has run down the woman of 1966 of year of birth who went by a carriageway of Klara Tsetkin towards Rabochey Street. The victim was hospitalized with the hurt wound of the head, – have told VSE42.Ru in department. The Kemerovo state traffic inspectorate calls citizens for care: pedestrians shouldn't be on the carriageway and also to cross streets in not put place. Besides, in night-time it is recommended to apply on clothes reflecting elements as they allow to see the person at distance to 400 meters. Photo: Social networks to Share: Road accident woman of Kemerovo of Klara Tsetkin