Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The TV host of CNN called white men by the main terrorist threat of the USA

The leader of CNN TV channel Don Lemon on the air has said that the main terrorist threat in the USA is posed by white men. Thus the journalist has commented on events in Kentucky. The man has started talking about firing in Kentucky where the white man has shot two Afro-Americans. Don has laughed at the fact that the state considers by the most terrible threat a large number of migrants who try to cross the border of the USA. – We need to understand that the biggest terrorist danger in this country – white men, generally right radicals, and we have to begin to do something with them, – Lemon has noted. His words have revolted conservatives. The U.S. President's son Donald Trump Jr. has commented on a situation, having said that he has initially taken the statement of the journalist as a joke, however has understood later that Don has told it seriously. The businessman has emphasized that "unfortunately, many left quite so and think. Disgustingly!", TJ writes. Photo: Google.Images to Share: cnn white men of the USA TV host threat