Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The two-year-old girl has got lost in the wood in China

Within four days in China looked for the 22-month-old girl who has got lost in the wood. The daughter of the local farmer played with other children near the village and has come into the wood. By a lunch relatives have noticed loss of the child and have moved off in searches. Independently it wasn't succeeded to find the baby. Next day parents have asked for the help in police. For three days of nearly 700 people, pilotless devices and police dogs looked for the gone girl. Four days later the girl the local has found. He has heard the sounds reaching from a bush near the hill. The girl was taken to hospital. She was in grazes, cuts and stings of insects. Physicians have noted that the girl has a dehydration, the child has no other problems with health, with reference to South China Morning Post reports. Photo: South China Morning Post to Share: China wood search child of a photo