Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The Tyumen schoolgirl went five hours on a frost home because of refusal of the conductor to help

To the Tyumen 11-year-old schoolgirl who has mixed bus routes five hours to the house on a frost were necessary to go because the conductor has expelled her from the bus. The deputy director of a Road Management Department and transport of the city Evgeny Tashlanov has told about an incident. The girl has fallen asleep in the bus. When she has woken up, was already for 14 km from the house. The schoolgirl has asked the help for the conductor of other bus as money at the child has ended, but that has refused to her free pass, passersby also haven't wanted to contact the girl. Without seeing a way out, the teenager has gone home on foot. All way has taken her about five hours. Tashlanov has noted that the schoolgirl hasn't remembered number of the bus which have refused to her. However, according to him, this incident has shown that it is necessary to discuss with carriers an issue of inadmissibility of jumping of children from a route because of lack of money, especially in cold season. As writes the NSN, the official has also appealed to parents to explain to the children need to remember numbers of transport that it was in case of emergency possible to file a complaint and to punish violators. The management of a Road Management Department and transport of Tyumen has apologized before parents and the most injured. If it is possible to identify the conductor's personality, then he is waited by punishment, however, what, isn't specified yet. Photo: Google.Images to Share: conductor frost refusal transport Tyumen cold schoolgirl