Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Ufa resident has got stuck in the eight-meter well hammered with clay

In Ufa rescuers had to pull out from a deep well the man who up to a neck has wallowed in clay because of what couldn't move. On the panel of rescuers the colleague of the man who has got stuck in a well has addressed. He has told that the victim within two hours tried to get out independently, however his attempts weren't crowned with success. As reports ToDay News Ufa, already on the scene rescuers have found out that three workers deepened a well on the site. The worker who was below has got to this moment on quicksand and has failed in him. At first companions tried to pull out him, but has completely drained in a lower body of the worker in liquid clay. Companions also tried to take out buckets the arriving water. Rescuers have installed the special device with the winch and have lowered the employee of search and rescue group to the victim. After that the man managed to be pulled out. When the victim was already on a surface, he with overcooling was transferred to an ambulance crew. Photo: Google.Images to Share: clay well rescuers Ufa photo