Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

The Ukrainian admiral has accused Russia of provoking of "national revolts"

The former commander of the Navy of Ukraine vice admiral Sergey Gayduk has accused the Russian authorities of provoking of national revolts, RIA Novosti tells. On air of the Ukrainian television the admiral has said that Russia realizes "the strategy of chaos" on the Sea of Azov, putting the economic pressure upon the Mariupol and Berdyansk seaports. – We have to understand that in these ports about five thousand people who in case of loss of work can carry out actions of social character work, that is there can be social fluctuations, he said. Gayduk has added that there can be a situation when in Mariupol and to the west from him "national revolts" begin, at the same time to the east from the city there is a seaside group which "daily has fighting collisions with the opponent". Photo: Google.Images to Share: Sea of Azov Sergey Gayduk Ukraine