Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of explosions and the fires in military warehouses

The head of the Ukrainian ministry of infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan has declared participation of Moscow in incidents in military warehouses. The minister has stated the assumption on social network Facebook, having mentioned also some other disputable subjects. – What the general between the war in Transnistria, Georgia, occupation of the Crimea and war in the east of Ukraine, destruction of Syria, murders in London, Kiev, Salisbury, the hacker attacks in the Netherlands, Ukraine, interventions in elections worldwide? As well as explosions in the Ukrainian warehouses? One answer: Russia-Moscow-Kreml, – the policy of RIA Novosti quotes. It is noted that the last and the incident largest lately in a military warehouse in Ukraine has occurred at night for October 9. Works on mitigation of consequences of explosion in the territory of arsenal of 682,6 hectares are at the moment carried out. The Ukrainian authorities claim that there are no victims and the dead. Photo: Facebook to Share: explosions infrastructure charge fire Russia warehouse Ukraine Chernihiv