Date: 10 months ago   Category: Economy

The Ukrainian politician called the economic strategy of the country "begging"

The head of political party "Osnova" Andrey Nikolayenko of an interview has said in one that the Ukrainian authorities have no investment strategy of development for the country. He called their behavior "begging" at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Nikolayenko is sure, the Ukrainian authorities try to drive citizens into a debt hole more and stronger. There is it because the country continues to take the credits from the IMF. – The power had no and has no investment strategy, the development strategy, and they have only a poproshaynichesky position. To ask the credits and at the expense of it they are forced to hold economy from a default and a collapse at the expense of residents of Ukraine. At the expense of unpopular methods try to keep in a chair, continuing to lend money, each Ukrainian is driven into a debt hole, – Nikolayenko has noted. The politician has also told that in Ukraine shortly gas prices will rise again because the authorities should liquidate a debt to fund, RIA Novosti reports. – The IMF is not just the creditor, this is the creditor with a big loop of political influences, opportunities of some countries, in particular the USA. As far as I possess information, that global decision to give to Ukraine a tranche already is. Further only a question to a mission whether they will squeeze out advance in price on gas. It is necessary to understand that, as well as any creditor, they demand not so much increase in some prices how many to show a financing source which will allow to satisfy a debt, – Nikolayenko has commented. We will remind, earlier Czech senator Yaroslav Doubrava has expressed the opinion on modern Ukraine. He has compared the country to "a black hole" also has noted that he isn't going to come there, the power won't be replaced yet. Photo: To Share RIA Novosti: Andrey Nikolayenko debts tranche Ukraine