Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The unbound tyrant alive has burned the victim in the Urals

The court has pronounced a sentence to the man from Perm Krai which has set fire to the victim after an exit from colony on UDO. The criminal has been condemned for group rape of the acquaintance. He and his friends have got into the house of the girl through a window leaf and have outraged upon her, reports the URA.RU agency. The man has received parole in 2017. The malefactor has got two bottles of flammable liquid at once and has gone to the victim. He has upholstered her face and clothes with alcohol and has set fire. The victim has got burn of 40% of a body. Wounds have begun to suppurate, and she has died in hospital. The court has sentenced the criminal to 12 years and nine months of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony. Photo: Google.Images to Share: victim rape violence Perm Krai arson Udo's punishment