Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

The unique exhibition by the Teachers' Day will open in Novokuznetsk

On the eve of the international Teachers' Day in Novokuznetsk the art exhibition "Teacher and Pupil" opens. On October 4 at 16:00 in Novokuznetsk art museum the exhibition at which the head of a fine art studio "Bast basket" Ekaterina Bakarchenko will present works of the pupils will open. The uniqueness of an exhibition is that all pictures are executed by children with violation of the musculoskeletal device. The exposition "The teacher and the pupil" is conceived as mobile and after the presentation in Novokuznetsk will go to Prokopyevsk "Opening day", tells "Новокузнецк.ру". Photo: Google.Images to Share: opening day exhibition Teachers' Day of violation of the musculoskeletal device work pupil teacher