Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The unknown has spanked a hippopotamus in the American zoo

In Network there was a roller on which it is visible how the guest of the American zoo makes the way to the open-air cage and slaps one of hippopotamuses. At the moment the police of Los Angeles searches for the man. The man has got through the open-air cage where there were Maher and Rosi's hippopotamuses, mother and the daughter. After the guy has slapped Rosi, he has disappeared. Izvestia notes that it is impossible to accuse the visitor of animals abuse as the hippopotamus had no symptoms of a physical trauma. Representatives of a zoo have explained that for an additional fee it is possible to touch animals. But visitors only under the supervision of the expert as accidentally it is dangerous to frighten such large animal will do it, and it is impossible to foresee his reaction. For illegal penetration into the open-air cage criminal prosecution can threaten the young man. Photo: Google.Images to Share: hippopotamus of video zoo