Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The unknown plane has provoked decrease in liners over the Sea of Japan

The unknown plane has intruded in corridors of civil aviation over the Sea of Japan that has forced passenger planes to change flight altitude, Interfax with reference to own source reports. – The plane in the morning on Wednesday has again self-willedally intruded in an air passage of civil aviation and has crossed without notice ten airways, having created at the same time threat to passenger liners, – he has noted. The source has added that the speech, presumably, goes about the scout plane. He made flight in neutral waters along the Russian coast. The plane didn't respond to the requests, judging by the transponder, the vessel belongs to one of NATO countries. It is noted that it is the second similar incident in a week. The day before the unknown plane in the same area has compelled two Chinese passenger liners will decrease. Photo: Google.Images to Share: NATO Sea of Japan scout plane