Date: 2 months ago   Category: Science

The unknown traces before a civilization found in the Sahara

Staff of the University of East Anglia found in Western Sahara the unknown traces before a civilization. The attention of scientists was drawn by strange satellite and aerial photographs of the desert area. During excavation on the place they found the remains of stone constructions. Constructions had the different form, from a habitual square to a half moon. Part of them made a complex 630 meters long. Purpose of constructions remains to unknown. Experts assume that they could designate burials. Confirmations to it were found by excavation of two barrows in which found human remains age of 1500, Live Science reports. Now field works in the Sahara are stopped. Scientists note that the region remains "a white spot" in respect of archeology because of an unstable political situation and activity of terrorist groups. Photo: to Share: excavation archeology Sahara