Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Ural paramedic has borrowed money at patients and has bought on them the diploma of the doctor

The former paramedic from Sverdlovsk region Vladislav Fedin will appear before the court for the fact that he worked in hospital as the chief physician according to the counterfeit diploma. As reports to, the man worked in one of regional villages as the paramedic. At this time he borrowed from 10 to 20 thousand rubles from familiar pensioners, justifying it with the fact that means are necessary to him on treatment of the wife. The man promised to repay a debt with percent, but after receiving money has gone on leave and hasn't returned. A year later the former colleagues have found the man on the Internet. They have noticed on the website of regional hospital the photo in which the paramedic sat in an environment of subordinates as the chief physician. It has turned out that Fedin has bought the new service record and the diploma about the higher medical education thanks to what he has received a high position. Have brought him charges under the articles "Use of the False Document" and "Fraud with Use of Official Position" later. At the moment the man is under recognizance not to leave. Photo: Google.Images to Share: the higher education chief physician money diploma debt loan paramedic