Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The Ural trainer has sat near the child and has received eight years of colony for pedophilia

The court of Yekaterinburg has sentenced the local fitness trainer to eight years of prison after he has sat on one sofa with the seven-year-old girl. An incident has occurred in November, 2017 in the Ekaterinburg fitness club where the defendant worked, reports. The trainer sat on a sofa in the foyer near the first grader who waited for mother. The man studied the magazine about half an hour, and then has left. Houses the child has said that the employee of club showed her the genitals. Parents have contacted police. Investigators have seen record from surveillance cameras and have concluded that the Ural resident masturbated at the child, being covered with the magazine. The court has found him guilty of commission of "other actions of sexual nature" concerning juvenile. The trainer hasn't admitted the guilt, called a sentence "absurd" and has expressed the intention to appeal against him. Photo: to Share: