Date: 10 months ago   Category: Culture

The Venice Film Festival will show the Russian movie out of the main program

The anniversary 75th Venice Film Festival will take place from August 29 to September 8. Russians this year don't participate in the main display. The festival will open on August 29 the film "The Person on the Moon" by Demyen Shazell. He tells about Neil Armstrong's disembarkation to the Moon. In a leading role – Ryan Gosling who for this role trained on the basis of NASA. The Russian cinema has presented the movie "The Person Who Has Surprised All" in the heading "Horizons". Very unusual plot tells about the Siberian tractor operator who changes a floor. In a leading role – Evgeny Tsyganov. The rural tractor operator learns that he is suffering from cancer and that he needs to live not for long. Treatment doesn't help, and he tries to deceive death, having become the transgender. But society isn't ready to such radical methods. Overcoming misunderstanding and intolerance of people around, internal psychological withdrawal pains – an essence of this participating movie of the oldest film festival of the world. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Venice Film Festival horizons cinema film festival opening Russia transgender movie