Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The version of Ukraine about the war in Donbass has failed in a hire

The movie of the Ukrainian production under the name "Signal Banderas, narrating about armed conflict in Donbass, has failed in a hire. The movie which has cost authors 40 million hryvnias (20 million have been provided by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine), in two weeks about nine thousand people have looked. The general collecting has made 753 thousand hryvnias, reports to Nikvesti. The screenwriter of the military drama Sergey Dzyuba on social network has accused of "sabotage" of the movie of film film distributors. He has written to Facebook that "Signal Banderas hasn't received enough advertizing. According to him, cinemas simply try to hide from the population. "Signal Banderas has appeared at the Ukrainian movie theaters on October 11. He narrates about the conflict which has begun in Donbass in 2014. Photo: google.images to Share: Donbass Signal Banderas failure hire Ukraine movie